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The Mall, Muree

Mall Road, Murree
The Mall road (Jinnah Road) of Murree is a very famouse visiting place from all over Pakistan and abroad, it has beautiful views of cold Murree Hills, 

Famous chains of local and international restausrants like Usmania, KFC, Banks Like HBL, UBL, Food shops, Cloth shops, Jewellry shops, Sports shops, Toys shops, Coffee/Tea Shops, News papers and average and luxury hotels.

The very famous and a beautiful General Post Office (GPO) is situated at the end of the Mall Road.  
The Mall Road is open for 24 hours for visitors. the people are very friendly and helping with the great respect for the visitors. 

The traffic is incredibly well controlled by the qualified, mannered and efficiant traffic consitbles inspite of thousands of the vehicles heading to Mall Road every day.

The Mall road is situated on the elevation of 2,291.2 m (7,517.1 ft)

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Map of The Mall, Murree

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